Dutch Atherosclerosis Society

Dutch Atherosclerosis Society

Welcome to the homepage of the Dutch Atherosclerosis Society (DAS): the Society for scientific research in the area of atherosclerosis and vascular biology. 

About Us

The goal of the Dutch Atherosclerosis Society is to stimulate the development and performance of clincal and basic scientific research in the field of atherosclerosis and vascular biology. Their main focus is translating and linking basic science into clinical practice (‘from bench to bedside’), whereas the DAS plays an important role in exchanging existing knowledge and new insights. Furthermore, the DAS also has a significant task in stimulating new research initiatives and in driving interdisciplinary collaborations.

The Annual DAS symposoium has become a part of the Cardio Vascular Conference where Dutch vascular scientists and clinicians meet. The Cardio Vascular Conference is a joint initiative of many different societies in the field of cardiovascular science and medicine. The Cardio Vascular Conference aims to become the annual scientific meeting for all active in basic, translational and clinical cardiovascular science. Topics to be addressed during the conference, include: Atherosclerosis, CV risk factors, Endothelium research, Anticoagulation, Genetics, Biomarkers and Imaging.


Prof. dr. J.W. Jukema, co-chairman
Prof. dr. E.S.G. Stroes co-chairman
Prof. dr. E.A.L. Biessen
Prof. dr. J. de Graaf
Prof. dr. J.A. Kuivenhoven
Prof. dr. G. Pasterkamp
Prof. dr. P.H.A. Quax
Prof. dr. A.J. van Zonneveld