Dutch Atherosclerosis Society

Prof. dr. J.A. Kuivenhoven 

Starting out as a molecular/cell biologist (MSc 1991; Wageningen University, The Netherlands ), Jan Albert Kuivenhoven (dob July 8, 1964) has finished his PhD at the Academic Medical Center, University of Amsterdam (1996; Department of Experimental Vascular Medicine) on the genetics of high-density lipoprotein (HDL) metabolism.

After a 2.5 years post-doc at the Department of Biology, Massachusetts Institute of Biology, Boston (1997-1999), where he worked on angiogenesis, he returned to amsterdam and continued working on the genetics of human dyslipidemias (family studies but also gene therapeutic approaches to treat monogenetic disorders). This work was primarily supported by grants of the European Community as well as The Netherlands Heart foundation.

In September 2011, he moved to the University Medical Center Groningen (Dept. Pathology & Medical Biology, Molecular Genetics) where he is currently working on building a group with a focus on the use of systems approaches to help unraveling the complex interactions between circulating lipoproteins.

For this, he will use funding from two recently obtained grants in which he acts a principal investigator,

(1) GENIUS consortium - CVON, an initiative by the Netherlands Heart Foundation, NFU, ZonMw and the KNAW


Finally, he is also part of a transatlantic collaborative network focusing on HDL function (Fondation Leducq (10CVD04; 2010-2015 ).