Dutch Atherosclerosis Society

Prof. dr. E.S.G. Stroes co-chairman 

Curriculum Vitae

Personal data:

Name: Stroes
First name: Erik Sjoerd Gerard
Date of birth: September 29, 1966
Place of birth: Leiden

Dept. of Vascular Medicine
Academic Medical Center
Meibergdreef 9
1105 AZ Amsterdam, The Netherlands
tel: +31 20 566 6612
fax: +31 20 566 9343

Education - Work History
1983-1990: University Training Medicine, Erasmus University Rotterdam
1990 Jan.: M.D. Medicine (cum Laude)
11-1990 - 11-1997: Specialization Internal Medicine, University Hospital Utrecht
3-1995 – 3-1996: Fellowship Nephrology, Dept Nephrology, University Hospital Utrecht
10-1996: Thesis “Mechanisms and Modulation of endothelial dysfunction in humans” (ISBN 90-393-1226-5)
1999-2001: Fellow Dept. of Internal Medicine, UMC Head: (late) Prof. Dr D.W. Erkelens
02-2001- present: Staff Vascular Medicine, AMC Head: Prof Dr J.J.P. Kastelein
2004: Head outpatient clinic Vascular Medicine


2001 Hanneke Wilmink: lipoproteins – vessel wall, UMC Utrecht
2005 Joris Rotmans: intimal proliferation shunts, AMC
2006 dec. Radjesh Bisoendial: CRP and HDL in atherogenesis, AMC
2006 dec. Melchior Nierman: HDL and Triglyceride metabolism, AMC
2007 march Raaj Sankatsing: HDL in HIV, AMC
2007 june Rakesh Birjmohun: HDL-c modulation, AMC
2007 june Max Nieuwdorp: Glycocalyx modulation, AMC
2008 Marijn Meuwese: myeloperoxidase and HDL, AMC
2008 Sander van Leuven: HDL in chronic infl. Disease, AMC
2008 Fatima Akdim: antisense strategies in humans, AMC

• Dekker fellowship Dutch heart foundation (1997) 200.000 ´Non-invasive assessment of vascular function´ (D97.0023) Evaluation DHF: excellent
• Program grant Dutch Kidney foundation (2000) 900.000 ´Gene therapeutic approaches to prevent dialysis graft failure´ (CSP 6001) Evaluation: Outstanding / cum Laude 
• EU-STREP AMC: 400.000 ‘Lipidomic profiles of HDL in subjects with Low and high HDL syndromes: and contribution of sex hormones to HDL levels (collaboration von Eckardstein, Rentsch, Spanaus)
• Dutch Heart Foundation 2006: 180.000 Role of Glycocalyx in vascular disease

• Future Forum Grant 2006 40.000 Reumatoid arthritis and cardiovascular disease
• Bayer Grant 2002: 50.000 Patient compliance optimization
• Pfizer grant 2003: 125.000 Intima media thickness and cardiovascular risk management (VITAL study)
• Pfizer grant 2004: 235.000 CRP and atherogenesis: lessons in humans.
• Aspreva grant 2005: 75.000 Role of MMF in atherogenesis: endarteriectomy study
• Boehringer Ingelheim grant 2005 (coll. P.Reiss): 600.000 Effect of nevaripine on HDL metabolism
• Roche grant 2006: 140.000 Impact of HDL functionality on clinical outcome

International collaborations:
1 Center for Mol. Therepeutics, Gene finding Vancouver, Canada, Prof M Hayden
2. University College London, UK, Non-invasive vascular function, Prof Dr J Deanfield 3. University Sydney, Australia HDL and inflammation, Prof Dr P Barter

National collaborations:
1. UMC Utrecht Vascular pathology (animal research), Prof G Pasterkamp
2. UMC Groningen Reverse cholesterol transport, Prof Dr F Kuipers
3. VU, Amsterdam Glycocalyx in diabetes, Prof RJ Heine

Local – AMC collaborations:
1. Pathology cellular plaque inflammation, AC van der Wal
2. Cardiology optimization of secondary prevention, Prof RJ Peters
3. Medical Physics Glycocalyx techniques, Dr H Vink

Other activities
• Clinic Head outpatient clinic Vascular Medicine, Supervising consultant thrombosis- haemostasis
Past: Vice-chair Internistisch Vasculair Genootschap (IVG) 
Present: Council Arteriosclerosis Vascular Biology, AHA; Board Member Dutch Atherosclerosis Society (DAS) 

12-1995: Annual Award of Scientific Research University Hospital Utrecht.
4-1998: Recipient of Annual Award of Cardiovascular Biology (Dutch Society of Cardiology)

Selected International Scientific Presentations:
1. "Short-term deterioration and improvement of forearm vascular function in hypercholesterolaemic patients off and on lipid-lowering therapy". 68th Scientific Sessions of the American Heart Association, United States of America, November 1995.
2. "Tetrahydrobiopterin ameliorates endothelial function in patients with familial hypercholesterolemia". 30th Annual Meeting of European Society of Clinical Investigation,
Interlaken, Switzerland, April 24-27, 1996.
3. "Cyclosporine-A induced increase in nitric oxide release counterbalances its vasoconstrictive effects. Second European Kidney Research Forum, Bergamo, Italy, May 24-27, 1996.
4. “Tetrahydrobiopterin restores endothelial function in hypercholesterolemia”. 69th Scientific Session of the American Heart Association, New Orleans, United States of America, November 1996.
5. “The role of the endothelium in the prevention of end-organ damage”. Groupe Recherche Systeme Nerves Autonomique, Montreal, Canada, December 3, 1998.
6. “Origin of superoxide release by endothelial nitric oxide synthase”. International Symposium on Vascular Protection, Los Angeles, USA, December 5-9, 1998.
7. “Renin angiotensin system in atherosclerosis. 8th international congress on cardiovascular pharmacotherapy, Amsterdam, The Netherlands, March 28 – April 1, 1999.
8. “Folic acid reverts NOS uncoupling”. American Heart Association, November 1999, USA.
9. “Sympathetic stimulation overrides flow mediated dilation”. American Heart Association, November 2000, USA.
10. “HDL restores endothelial dysfunction in hypoalfalipoproteinemia”. American Heart Association, November 2003, USA.
11. “CRP elicits inflammation and coagulation”. American heart Association, November 2004, USA
12. “LDL potentiates adverse effects of CRP in vivo in humans’. DALM, Venice, Italy, September 2004.
13. ‘Fibrate therapy in diabetic patients’. EASD, Athens, September 2005
14. ‘Low HDL predisposes to pro-inflammatory state in humans’. American heart association, November 2005
15. ‘Glycocalyx determines microvascular complications in type I diabetic patients’. American heart association, November 2005

Invited lectures:
1. ‘Role of HDL as anti-inflammatory agent in humans’ 2nd global meeting HDL research Greece, October 2004
2. ´HDL en atherogenese, nieuwe inzichten NHS wetenschapsdag 2005
3. ´Chronic inflammatory disease and atherogenesis´ University College London / Immunology update 2005
4. ´LDL / HDL balans en preventie van hart en vaatziekten IVG symposium, Zeist 2005
5. ´HDL as cornerstone for anti/atherosclerotic regimens´ 21st Ernst Klinikum symposium in Molecular Medicine Koln, Germany, december 2005
6. ´Novel targets for cardiovascular prevention´ International Society of Nephrology / Forefronts symposium New York, march 2006.
7. ‘Changing world of CV-prevention: Does HDL-increase still fit the picture?’ DAS symposium, Ede 2009

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