Dutch Atherosclerosis Society

Prof. dr. G. Pasterkamp 

Present work address
University Medical Center Utrecht
Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology, G02-523
Heidelberglaan 100
3584 CX Utrecht
The Netherlands


August 1998-2001 MSc, Clinical Epidemiology. NIHES, Erasmus University, Rotterdam.

1992-June 1995 PhD, Department of Cardiology, Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology (promotor prof. dr. C. Borst). Title Thesis: “Applications of intravascular ultrasound.”

1982-1990 MD, Free University, Amsterdam.

1976-1982 Atheneum B, Weren fridus, Hoorn, the Netherlands

Academic Appointments

2000 – 2005 Project leader of ICIN –33 program:
“Identification and elucidation of new targets to prevent constrictive remodeling in arteries: a translational research program”.

April 1997 Fellowship Catharijne Foundation Utrecht entitled:
The mechanisms and clinical implications of de novo atherosclerotic remodeling first executed at the Department of Functional Anatomy (until July 1998) and subsequently at the Laboratory of Experimental Cardiology, Utrecht University Hospital.

Jan. 1992-April 1997 Interuniversity Cardiology Institute of the Netherlands and Experimental Cardiology Laboratory of the Department of Cardiology of the Utrecht University Hospital

- Participant in the multicenter trials EPISODE and PICTURE, which aimed to investigate the predictive value of intravascular ultrasound for the development of post angioplasty restenosis.
- Research on the role and mechanism of arterial remodeling in atherosclerotic luminal narrowing.

-Investigating the relation between the remodeling mode before angioplasty (shrinkage versus enlargement) and the mechanism of resetenosis after balloon angioplasty (shrinkage versus intimal hyperplasia) in canine femoral arteries.

- Scientific Editorial Board of European Journal of Clinical Investigation.

- Scientific Review: Circulation; Journal of the American College of Cardiology; Arteriosclerosis; Thrombosis and Vascular Biology, Cardiovasc Research, Heart, Atherosclerosis; American Journal of Cardiology; Dutch Heart Foundation (grant applications); NWO (grant applicantions)

- Committee membership: Users’ committee of Dutch Foundation of Technology and Science

Major Research Interest

1. Vascular remodeling in de novo atherosclerosis and in post angioplasty restenosis

2. Plaque vulnerability in atherosclerotic disease